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    Who we are?

    Who are the partners of the “VET4e-I” project? This project is carried out by a consortium of 7 organisations representing non formal education, higher education, foundations, think tanks and vocational training centres from Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Bulgaria.

    Short name: D-O-T

    Web page:

    D-O-T is a network of professionals engaged in the development of an inclusive Knowledge Society through action research initiatives focused on ICT and Social Innovation, the Digital Divide, Lifelong Learning, Collaborative and Socially-Responsible Businesses, and International Cooperation for Development.

    Short name: Fundación ESPLAI
    Web page:

    ESPLAI educates children and young people during their leisure time and strengthens associations and organisations in order to reduce social exclusion and the digital divide. Its Red Conecta and Conecta projects are developing digital literacy training, helping participants to gain e-skills, improve their ability to join the labour market, transform society and improve social inclusion.

    Short name: ARCI

    ARCI is a civic and independent association that promotes active citizenship at local level through leisure, training and cultural activities, social action and international solidarity. With its 5,800 clubs and more than 1,200,000 members, it represents a broad structure for democratic participation, practising and promoting self-organization of citizens and setting up social intervention actions aimed at defending the rights of the weakest (prisoners, minors, migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, Roma, drug addicts, persons affected by physical or mental disorders). Many of ARCI’s local committees and clubs, especially in Tuscany within the PAAS network (, promote digital literacy and the use of ICTs.

    Short name: INFREP

    INFREP – “National institute for training and research on continuing education” – was founded in 1982 and takes part of the “Ligue Française de l’Enseignement et de l’Education Permanente” (French League of Training and Permanent Education). INFREP employs around 250 permanent workers and 150 consultants, and is actually working in 30 regional centres all over France. Altogether these regional centres work with more than 12 000 trainees each year, they have their specific training fields and provide services in professional and social insertion, vocational training for long term unemployed young and adults (social and sanitary field, hostelry, selling, etc.) and training for firms’ employees. Through its participation to European programs, INFREP has been able to develop its expertise in e-learning.

    Short name: ICT Development Bulgaria
    Web page:
    ICT Development Bulgaria is Bulgaria’s leader organization involved in the process of developing the Information Society, providing the citizens with an access to broad-band internet connection, granting access to different online information resources, and conducting ICT trainings.  ICTDB focuses on various target groups’ inclusion and information, providing both basic and specialised IT literacy tools.

    Short name: LAPIS
    Web page:

    L’A.P.I.S. – the Agency for the Promotion of the Solidaristic Enterprise – is a social co-operative settled in Rome in 1995, which provides services to various agencies of the Italian and European Third Sector, and to public and private bodies. The agency has got a strong expertise on European projects/partnerships, training activities, research, monitoring and evaluation, guidance initiatives, social enterprise feasibility studies, administration and accounting services.
    It is accredited at Sviluppo Lazio Ltd Company (owned by the Lazio Regional Authority) as agency expert in micro-credits feasibility studies, at the Italian Presidency of the Ministries’ Council, as Evaluator of National Civil Service Projects, it is a partner of the County Authority of Rome (together with the University of Rome “La Sapienza”). It has got a registered office also in the Campania Region, where it operates in projects co-funded by the regional, county and city authorities, as well as by the Area Voluntary Centres for the Development of Volunteer Organisations and by Foundations like Fondazione Sud.

    Short name: LA Ligue
    Web page:

    La Ligue de l’enseignement is a secular movement for popular education that gathers 102 federations involved in activities relating to education, social inclusion, sports, citizenship, culture and leisure. La Ligue de l’enseignement is actively engaged in several European platforms and networks, aiming at putting forward its inclusive, democratic and educative vision of Europe, promoting lifelong learning and ICT access to all.

    Short name: TU-DO

    Web page:

    With its social scientific orientation, sfs Dortmund, a central research centre of Technische Universität Dortmund combines excellent research with active participation in the shaping of regional and organisational innovation processes, especially dedicated to profound modernisation processes of work and labour towards the knowledge society considering aspects like lifelong learning, education and training, knowledge management and new technologies, work with and in networks.