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    VET4e-I deliverables

    Welcome to the webpage of VET4e-I project deliverable documents!

    This page enables the visitor to access the results based on the project activities’ researches and obtained within the project’s lifetime.

    Work Package Title Training Curriculum & Courses Design (WP6)
    Document Reference 12 Learning Programme Designs
    Brief Description The Learning programme designs are the modules’ templates providing the essential learning structure and material of each module (units’ content, reading, resources and exersise) of the VET4e-I training curriculum. This has been designed so as to enable to reproduce – and therefore translate and transculturate – the 12 modules in another context.
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    Download the Learning Programme Designs of each Module developed within the VET4e-i training curriculum.

    Learning Programme Design Reference Download
    01 Building a Network Culture Download the Pilot Results
    02 Auxiliary resources to optimize activities Telecenter / ICT Center / Library Download the Pilot Results
    03 Telecenter sustainability Download the Pilot Results
    04 Promoting ICT for the elderly at the telecentre Download the Pilot Results
    05 Promoting ICT with migrants in the ICT centre Download the Pilot Results
    06 Getting familiar with Office tools (Open/MS) for developing digital literacy workshops Download the Pilot Results
    07 Developing a digital photography workshop in the telecentre Download the Pilot Results
    08 Facilitating job seeking in the telecentre Download the Pilot Results
    09 Planning a digital literacy workshop Download the Pilot Results
    10 Telematic Procedures – facilitating access to e-services Download the Pilot Results
    11 Telecenter sustainability Download the Pilot Results
    12 Building a  network culture Download the Pilot Results




    Work Package Title Initial Research (WP4)
    Document Reference “Multicountry Context Analysis”
    Brief Description A step to better know the state of the art on e-facilitators’ situation in each of the 4 countries (Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and France)  

    The Multicountry Context Analysis features the results of an extensive research at both national and European levels on the professional profiles,  competence gaps and available offer of online courses for the development of a VET curriculum of e-facilitators.

    Download Download 

    Also available in sumup version available in EN, SP, IT, BU and FR languages:

    Download the Multicountry context analysis (All languages)

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    Work Package Title Quality Assurance (WP3)
    Document Reference “Report on Transculturation”
    Brief Description An experimental bi-directional process to better prepare for creating learning modules with harmonized standards at European level and, in a meantime, adapted contents in each of the four countries involved.The transculturation report features the main outputs of a process – Transculturation – that consisted in an accurate and shared tracking of all the actitivites of translating and adapting to each national context the elearning content of the eLearning modular curriculum developed for efacilitators for social inclusion and in enabling to have then an effective feedback to the original modules with concrete improvements.
    Download Download the Pilot Results
    Document Reference “Pilot Results”
    Brief Description The Pilot phase of the VET4e-I online training modules: a necessary step to match e-facilitators training expectations with the VET4e-I developed training solution and insure the quality of a transnational learning process. 

    The Pilot Results present a complete analysis of the online training evaluations carried out before, during and after the experimentation of the training involving 837 potential learners, 380 of whom finally got enrolled in four countries (Bulgaria, Spain, Italy and France).

    Download Download the Pilot Results
    Document Reference “Profiles Gaps”
    Brief Description A comprehensive study of the e-facilitator’ profiles, working conditions and training needs on a sample of 837 e-facilitators coming from the four countries (Bulgaria, Spain, Italy and France). 

    Complementary with the Multicountry Context Analysis, the Profiles Gaps study compiles the data provided by the 837 persons who fill in the registration form to participate in the VET4e-I online training session. The edification of “entry-learner” profile has therefore been made possible.

    Download Download the Pilot Results
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    Work Package Title Recognition (former Certification Model) (WP5)
    Document Reference “Report on Recognition Strategies”
    Brief Description A complete study on the technical and strategical pathways to prepare the formal recognition of the competence of e-facilitator for social inclusion. 

    The report on Recognition is compiling the partners’ reflections and initiatives in terms of formal recognition of the professional profile of e-facilitators for social inclusion at national level.

    Download Download the Pilot Results
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    Work Package Title Overall Project Dissemination (WP2)
    Document Reference “General Dissemination Report”
    Brief Description A general report on the project valorization which features an extensive study on the compilation of facts and acts showing how the dissemination strategy could serve the objectives of the project.  

    This report on Dissemination reveals the strategies of a coherent and organized partnership, converging for the support of its project’s achievements and valorization of its results and outcomes.

    Download Download the Dissemination Report 


    See appendix here

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    Work Package Title Exploitation (WP9)
    Document Reference “VET4e-I Project Sustainability Plan”
    Brief Description This document proposes to gather the propositions from each of the partners and compile the sustainability projects in a coherent way.
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