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    All project deliverables available on the website!

    The VET4e-Inclusion project’s products and outcomes have been published on the website in the tab “VET4e-I deliverables“. In this page you can access the result documents and download them in PDF version.

    Find the strategical documents and product of VET4e-I project:




    1- VET4e-I 12 learning programme design

    The project curriculum of 12 modular courses is here presented, course by course.

    2- VET4e-I Multi-country context analysis

    The results of the national research led in the four countries participating in the project field activities on the professional profile of e-facilitators and the existing training offers.

    3- Report on Transculturation

    What is transculturation? Why is it a milestone when talking about multicountry educative content and training experience? This report is making the practical illustration of how to manage transculturality in education projects.

    4- Pilot Results

    As well, how to perform, manage and succeed in a multicountry learning experience AT DISTANCE? The report on Pilot Results is giving key-information on the reasons for success or weakness of such a learning process.

    5- Profiles Gaps

    This features a comprehensive study on the job profile, educational background, learning needs and expectations of nearly 850 e-facilitators from 4 countries in Europe.

    6- Report on Recognition Strategies

    The results of national strategies for having the professional competence of e-facilitator for social inclusion recognized in each of the partners’ countries.

    7- General Dissemination Report

    2-years of active valorization of a project concepts, methodologies, dynamics and products summed up in a strategical document.

    8- Project Sustainability Plan

    A plan which gathers the partners’ projects in order to exploit and ensure sustainability of the VET4e-I project ouctomes and products.

    You have the possibility to contact the project partners who are in charge of the documents.

    Finally, find all communication and dissemination material on VET4e-I project in the tab “VET4e-I info material“.

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