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    VET4e-I project at TELECENTRE EUROPE SUMMIT, a good feeback from EU telecentres’coordinators

    Once more, the VET4e-I project team has gained positive feedback from peers and especially, telecentres’ coordinators from all over Europe as they took part in the yearly event “Telecentre Europe summit” on last 26th to 28th october.

    This was the opportunity for VET4e-I team to present the latest conclusions, after the project’s phasis of consolidation of its exploitation and sustainability strategy.

    Therefore, questions such as ways to support the actions of the telecentres and the roles played by the e-facilitators that were at stake during the summit have been discussed and enriched by some of the VET4e-I project results’ analysis shared with the public.


    Some key-subjects for telecentres have been raised during the workshop attended by VET4e-I team, such as “are telecentres innovative enough to create their own content (i.e. digital media content, curriculums, guides, researches)?” or “Should we look more into developing telecentres’ own content that can transform in revenue source for sustainability?”. These are crucial issues to foresee the telecentres’ future role in the Information Society of the EU.

    Download the VET4e-I slides presentation : Telecentre Europe Summit_VET4e-I presentation

    Read this article in French version :

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