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    French e-inclusion event “Les Assises de la Médiation Numérique” (19-21th sept. in Corsica)

    Les Assises de la Médiation NumériqueLes Assises de la Médiation Numérique is the coming event on ICT facilitation at national and international scope.
    The event will take the shape of a three-days conference during which e-facilitation actors from all over France and abroad will gather to discuss and present current projects and policies in the field of ICT access and facilitation development.

    The objectives of this long-awaited event is to share views and practices in the field of digital facilitation, and to enable to deepen the definition of e-facilitation – médiation numérique – its key role and missions in today’s society. The meeting, organized as a interactive and collaborative (on and off line) platform, will very much be about co-constructing the e-facilitation future. VET4e-I project will hopefully be presented there.

    Discussion panels and work groups will focus on 6 important themes: “culture, patrimony and digital identity”, “e-services, public services and policies”, “social innovation, collective organisations”, “digital divide and social inclusion”, “digital democracy and e-citizenship” and “Training and education actions”.

    A white book on e-facilitation will hopefully born from this event.

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